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Precision, Electric Low Volume marking machine.

The Bowcom Atom line marking applicator offers flexible

spray options for both the Bowcom Atomic & Quantum

line marking paints.

  • Durable lightweight, stable construction

  • Hollow-Cone / misting nozzle technology

  • High pressure self priming pump

  • Non-drip, instant shut off

  • Integral cleaning system

  • Integral quick-bleed system

  • High capacity 12v battery

  • Bearing wheels on SS axle

  • Puncture proof tyres


The Atom will line mark 9 pitches when using a single 10lt container, through the unique Bowcom brass

2-part hollow-cone nozzle.


The Bowcom Atom line marking applicator will transport a 5lt or 10lt pail, offering total flexibilty when marking.




Electric Precision Line Marking Applicator.

The revolutionary Bowcom GMX offers the ultimate in precision line marking application incorporating a number of comprehensive, flexible spray options.

  • Fully adjustable line width

  • Central or offset spraying

  • Protected, quick release spray head assembly

  • Optional twin jet nozzle

  • Optional side marking arm (L/R)

Total Flexibility – Durable, Modular Design

The Bowcom GMX incorporates a removable 25lt Paint Tank that offers the operator total flexibility when changing, cleaning or filling. This unique feature also allows the operator the

option to remove the Paint Tank prior to lifting the GMX for transportation to site, offering flexible independent operation.

  • Modular ‘drop fit’ removable paint tank

  • Tough, durable construction

  • Quick-release connectors

  • Exchangeable tank avoids cross-contamination (Chemicals)

  • Wide aperture with filter for easy fill

Total Control Cost-Effective, Efficient Spray Application

A durable, high quality SHURflo self priming pump ensures even distribution of Bowcom Concentrates in any environment. Integrated Paint Mixing and Self Clean System offers optimum efficiency throughout the marking period.

  • Durable SHURflo self priming electric pump

  • High capacity battery with condition meter and charger

  • Easy access charge system

  • Fully adjustable/removable handle

  • Dual action spray switch (L/R)



line marker.png

The Bowcom transfer wheel line marker.

A popular, traditional transfer wheel line marking applicator designed and manufactured to encompass a range of

innovative new features. 


Simple to operate, the Bowcom transfer wheel line marking applicator is easy-to-use with a unique ‘foam ringed’ wheel that significantly increases coverage and offers a consistent, crisp, bright line.

  • Tough steel construction

  • Ergonomic design

  • Pneumatic Tyres

  • ‘Foamed’ steel transfer wheel: Optimizing wheel coverage

  • Spare transfer wheel & foam rings available

  • 20lt paint tank

  • Optional steel cover

  • Available in: 2” / 3” & 4” line widths (other widths on application)

  • Adjustable handle

transfer wheel
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